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    lol I know, but I'm more into games like... Devil May Cry... Heavenly Sword... God of War... Those kind of game! Which the 360 hardly has I'm sure I'll be fine next year when Ninja Gaiden 2 comes out... and DMC4.

    To keep this on topic... I remember seeing a site with Blu-ray to HD-DVD ratios... I can't remember where it was, I'll try and find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial
    To keep this on topic... I remember seeing a site with Blu-ray to HD-DVD ratios... I can't remember where it was, I'll try and find it.
    My numbers above are an aggregate from the major statistical sources who maintain this sort of information, so they're reasonable accurate.

    Though then (and now) I was drinking something the wife made so I wasn't 100% sure what I posted...

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    blue ray is like the next lazer disc
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    kx5: did you not read the posts? BLU-RAY IS DOMINATING, stop bing a hd-dvd fanboy please. open your eyes.

    lol at the blu-ray.com article post, i didnt read it im sure its biased, at least a little anyways, ill take a look at it in a moment.

    a dual-format player was close to $1000 last time i checked and you can get a blu-ray player for around 300 bucks now and probably a cheap HD-DVD player for around 500 bucks so i really see no point in the dual-format one lol, just buy both and stack them!

    concerning the brief off-topic discussion, i too am having trouble finding a game i like for my 360 besides what i already own. im going to buy unreal tournament 3 or heavenly sword tomarrow i think.

    the only way HD-DVD could win is the porn industry. porns are being released on HD-DVD cause its cheaper, just like the betamax/VHS war, Betamax was way better but i watched a clip on how much the porn industry influenced that by releasing on them on VHS cause it was cheaper. but the porn industry is dieing out, well at least it should be now a days, i dont actually have any stats nor do i care to look at any but with the internet im sure its not as big as it used to be. its disgusting that porn can influence something like this so heavily.

    anyways, blu-ray ftw! i just want to say that i love HD movies, they are amazing, not only the picture, but the new features on blu-ray discs are awesome, just the simple stuff like bookmarking parts ina movie and saving them lol, im easily ammused!

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