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i once worked with a quadrapalegic who had some hand/arm control. i helped teach her how to use dragon naturally speaking for general computer use. we also learned to play some games using it. civ 4 worked great with voice software. since she was no mobile, swapping discs didnt work. rather than use an online patch, i contacted the developer, and they sent me a nocd patch, that only worked with 1 cd key. it was great.
There are some incredibly compelling reasons to not have protection schemes that require an original disc (the above is clearly one of those).

Unfortunately, piracy is rampant (for all forms of media), so I at least understand companies wanting to protect their ASSEtS

...and honestly, while there's some legal uses for apps like the ones linked - I'm sure the vast majority of No-CD apps, WiiKEYs, DVDDecrypters, etc., are being used for less-than-legal activities. Hahaha, kind of like the head shops around - I'm sure there are a few people smoking Rum Runner from The Tinderbox in those giant water bongs, but I think we all know the majority if what's actually passing through 'em