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    PC Curtain Bullet games. Like Nanostray and 1984


    So I played me some of this "TouHou" game.

    It's a curtain shooter/bullet type of things.

    Thousands of times harder than any FPS could dream of.

    Nothing says an adrenaline rush like 100+ projectiles all coming your way, you've got 2 exits that won't kill you and you've got .5 seconds to weave between 25 projectiles before you run into a cluster of 50 projectiles.

    But before I romanticize anymore, I need some suggestions of PC games of this type.

    They don't have to be free.
    I needs my fix.

    And I doubt tat there's any of them that are very graphical.

    But please, I needs me some English ones.
    Many Japanese games of this type come out, but US gamers are all about FPS FPS FPS.
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    Wow dude....that sounds intense. I can't say I've ever played anything like that before, but I'd be willing to give it a shot........................no pun intended.

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