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    From a skim read of the list I read Dragunov, SPAS 12 and M1...I didn't know the gun laws were that loose.

    Let me ask, have you ever needed to use your gun? If so would that situation would of went better with one of the above listed weapons or would an average pistol of handled the situation fine?

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    Guns are the ultimate tools of freedom. The only problem is that freedom has to be split.

    There are main two types of freedom:
    1. Freedom to do something.
    2. Freedom from something.

    The way I see it, it is better to have freedom from than to have freedom to do. That's not to say we should have a bouble-wrapped society, just a society that protects through defence (especially diplomatically) rather than pre-emptive attack.

    All in all, I'm anti-gun (I used to be pro-gun, but that was years ago) and I'm aware of (and to a certain extent, sympathise with) the pro-gun arguement.

    Quote Originally Posted by brawny
    There have been what, 3 shootings in our lifetime? I'd take the state of Vermont over that.
    You serious? I think there have been a lot more than that.


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