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Thread: Poetry Thread

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    Poetry Thread

    I think the poetry thread got deleted during the time warp; it's time to bring it back.

    Here's one that I threw together real quick in my literature class today:

    He thought he could save America;
    he was partly true.
    He was supported by many;
    his competitor, few.

    As the governor of California,
    he helped to calm the riots.
    He sent in the highway patrol
    to restore the peace and quiet.

    In 1976,
    he lost his first campaign.
    The people often thought
    they had chosen the wrong man.

    Four years later,
    he had won the race,
    and he threw Mr. Carter
    out on his face.

    He became the President
    for 8 years thereafter.
    Some would say those years
    were a terrible disaster.

    Meh, it took about ten minutes, and I was building from a vague prompt:

    "Write a poem that satirizes a contemporary "Known Citizen" (possibly a political figure, recording artist, sports star, or film actor) whose life has been very different from the one in this poem. You might include these traits in your criticism, or you could choose your own aspects for criticism.

    1. his or her work
    2. his or her lifestyle
    3. his or her family
    4. his or her opinions

    Your goal is to make it clear for your classmates the identity of the person you are criticizing--without directly stating the person's name."

    Everyone is welcome, so post away!

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    Very nice, Rob. I wrote a lot of poems a long time ago, but this is one of my personal favourites:

    The silence in her eyes

    She opens her eyes to the silence around her,
    her pupils moving slowly back and forth.
    Darkness stares back at her in every direction,
    but she remains just as calm as ever.

    She quickly reaches out to feel her surroundings,
    like a pianist stroking her fingers across her instrument.
    Realising that she was within the safety of her own home,
    she calmly returns to her eternal slumber.

    I want to tell her about the smells of the world,
    for every scent is as precious as the last.
    I want to tell her about the sounds of the world,
    for every beat is a gift from heaven.

    I want to tell her about the tastes of the world,
    for every dish holds its own cultural secrets.
    But I hope she never asks me about the sights of the world,
    for that is when I would wish to share the silence in her eyes.
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