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    Quote Originally Posted by Gikoku Harakami View Post
    Well, look at it this way. Imagine a world where every single person told the truth and were completely honest with everything. For alot of people, the truth hurts and honesty is at times hard to handle. Would you really want to know what everyone thinks about you. Imagine a completely honest guy walking up to a girl, and saying.. "I'll be honest, you look like a guy." Boy, imagine if the Government started telling the truth.

    You should see how honest everyone is about Rumer Willis' face (Bruce Willis' daughter). That'll definitely make her life a lot better when it pressures her into wanting plastic surgery, more shit for her parents to deal with.

    Always telling your parents the truth, what if you have parents that are incredibly strict, like one of those religious extremist parents. A teenage son who's stuck with a dilemma of either telling his parents the truth that he's gay, or keeping it a secret for fear of how they'll react. Unlucky, he tells the truth, and they flip out in major disappointment and anger, praying to God where they went wrong.. and then probably disowning the poor kid.

    Say you get caught doing something at work, you either tell the truth and get fired, or you lie about it and save your job. Lying about something does not make you fail to realize what truth is anymore, you know what truth is... you just don't want to tell it for the fear of bad things that'll happen. There's a large amount of parents out there who lie to their kids to make them feel better.

    Kid: Mommy, all the kids at school call me stupid.

    Mother: Well, let's be honest.. you are pretty stupid.
    Good point.....

    It sure is frustrating!

    You have two choices:

    1) Set fire to your parents.
    2) Beat the living shit out of the person who actually did it.

    EDIT: Make sure its to their head, so when your parents go to ask what happened, you can casually say said brother tripped...they wont be able to say anything back.

    EDIT 2: If its a sister...ignore 2....girl bashing is naughty.
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    It can be frustrating but from my experiences the situation is worsened if you talk back or yell. Just listen to what they have to say and if you really didn't do anything, then be honest and say so respectfully.

    There's not much you can do in this situation because parents feel they're right about almost everything. Like others said build trust and stay cool and you should find yourself getting into less trouble.

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