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    Love two stories that do the rounds here.

    First being a friend of a friend was going on a trip to NY, and before she went all her friends were winding her up about it being rough out there and to be carefull not to get mugged, so by the time she went she was pretty paranoid. She was going down the lift in her hotel out in NY and the lift stopped at this floor and four big huge black guys got in, the smaller one in the middle told her to "floor it" panicking, she fell to the floor thinking she was going to get mugged. Then the guys laughed and pressed the ground floor button. At the end of her holiday, when she went to pay for her stay there, she was told her room had already been payed for by a Mr Will Smith, the guy who was in the lift with her and was very much amused by her "flooring it".

    Second being friend of a friend who took the familly to Bristol Zoo. Bratty kids ran off and when she finally found then she'd had enough and took them home. As they were carrying the bags back from the car into the house, she could feel something moving in the bag, she opened it and there was a baby penguin in there. They kept it in the bath and rang the zoo and someone came and picked it up the next day.

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    I always enjoy reading/hearing about the Loch Ness Monster. Also, Bigfoot provides endless entertainment. Some interesting stories about those two.

    And playing songs backwards for hidden messages is just plain awesome. xD

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