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Thread: Fond Memories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodine View Post
    I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. Thinking of the good times I've had. Yeah, I'm only 19 and have a lot more in store for me, but I just miss those younger years. Back in highschool when I had little to no care in the world and felt as if the world was mine. People always told me, "Make the best of this, cause on down the road you're going to miss this SO bad." And they're right. I remember how awesome the cool fall was back then. Football season. (American football) I was part of the team and everything. Had tons of friends and we go out and do things all the time and just had fun. Experianced both love and heart-ache. But those were definately the best days of my life. Sometimes I just wish I could hit some sort of reset button and relive those days. But life is a one-way road and we ride it out till the end. It feels like it all just happened so fast. One day I was care-free, happy as I could be, in love. Now, I gotta work a job and go to a college where everything is over my head and I feel overwhelmed. But I guess someday I'll miss these days too. And I'll be honest, my two biggest fears are growing old and life not working out so well, like not doing something I love for a living. Happens to most people.

    So what are some of your most fond and cherished memories?
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    ^I say that he gets a girl not a dude >_>

    So all of you are trying to say not to waste High School because it will haunt you for the rest of your life? A lot of people on TV shows say that High School is the best part of your life but I'm bearly a Sophmore. I have 3 years ahead of me because I started school 2 days ago.

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    Yup yup, for sure.

    Enjoy it while you can. Easiest days of your life too probably. A little bit of homework here and there seems like nothing looking back now!

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