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Not true. Yes, there are alot of fat people who are fat due to laziness and over-eating, but there are people who have gotten uncontrollably fat from diseases, and cannot lose the weight naturally through exercise & diet due to other health issues and disabilities. In which case, I can see the use of liposuction not being a terrible decision if the person is aware of and understands the risks.

I will agree though that liposuction is definitely not a shortcut one should take if they are capable of diet & exercise.
I think the amount of fat people who are fat "just because" outnumbers those who really don't have an option to control this or not. Obviously this is true, seeing the the rapid growth in fat people of the past years, and genes just can't change to make us fat over a couple of decades. People are mostly doing it to themselves.

There are always the exceptions for anything, like abortion and whatever. The vast majority of people simply don't need them.