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    Do YOU Believe? Mythical Creatures

    What are your thoughts on: Bigfoot, Yeti, Abominable, Nessie, Kraken and such?

    Are they real?

    Is there a plausible explanation?

    An undiscovered species?

    WHO KNOWS????

    But anyway, I think that theres something out there but no real evidence.
    Nessie, I want to believe in. It would be awesome if there were still some plesiosaurs still around. Or plesiosaur like animals. The kraken would be cool, but kinda scary.

    Bigfoot, yeti, etc., I think is freaky. Some big ape like creature scrounging around in my backyard? I think not. Freaky! Ive never liked apes or monkeys. Dont like em and never will.

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