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    Quote Originally Posted by ARav989 View Post
    lmfao this is pretty cool. Is there any way for us to know if there's life though?
    It's difficult to say. As luck would have it, GJ 1214 b is one of the few known planets which is both nearby and passes in front of its parent star from Earth's point of view, which means we can measure the spectrum of its atmosphere. If there is life there, we might be able to see chemical signs of it in the atmosphere, but no one knows exactly what to look for, because there's no reason to expect life there to be anything like it is here.

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    yeah that makes sense. Like who's to say life out there is like ours here? different environments and shit. Evolution takes a different path, all that good stuff.

    "We've all been down this path before
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    And it wears you down
    When we leave today maybe you'll understand
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