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Thread: The 500 game!

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    The 500 game!

    Heres how it works, the game revolves around the number *500* the object of the game is to add or subtract a number from *500* depending on what team your on, there are two teams, red and blue, the reds add a number while the blues subtract a number. When the number reaches 1000 the reds will win but if the number reaches 0 the blues win. Example: So if I'm on Blue and I go first I'll post 499. (Highlighting the number your team color would help)
    Before the game starts, if you want to play sign your username on which ever team you want to be on (copy and paste please) you can also vote for a team name among your teammates (and team color if you want) which can be changed later.The game will start when there are enough players on both teams. Sign up starts now!


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