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    what should I look for, compatibility germany

    hi, i am currently in ireland and going to germany to see kids over xmas, i promised them a wii for xmas but am a little broke so am looking throug the second hand ads.
    my questions is basically what should i look for when checking out the wii machines, and would it work if i took one over to germany, would it play OK?
    Finally, the kids want to use their mothers pc screen to play on, i have seen a you tube describing how this can be done, i know i have to get some special cabling, have any of you guys tried this?

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    uhmmm i think it would work fine in germany. my sister lived there cause her husband was stationed for there for the army. i think they had a wii there. i dunno about that cp screen thing.
    and sorry but you can usually only get a new or used wii from around $200-$400.sorry
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