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Personally, after leaving Wiichat once (when things got haywire) and coming back (now that Prinny has taken over) Things are even better than I remember. Prinny your doing a good job. Keep it up.
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Bad analogy

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Well maybe they don`t need to. Maybe because they already know how to use the wii. Also how do people find us? I mean the website
I found it buy typing in "Wii forum" all those years ago.
It was just after the name was announced

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It also bothers me how people get their Wii's and refrain from reading the manuals and/or visiting Nintendo's support site; there are other sources of help besides WiiChat! Alas, I digress.
Its the name.

Plus we also get a few people thinking this is a Official Wii site.

I still get people that dont read the warnings about clan posting.
I am not having people signing up just to plug there clan site.
I don't understand how your not an administrator...