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    Has any one had a Heroic/Glory moment at paintball

    yeah well im still in my paintball mood (seeing i just got back from it) and i was wondering has any 1 ever had a moment were they had provern themselves by being a hero or if they had a moment of glory

    well i did i was last man alive on my team against 11 of them who were left and i took down 5 of them before they got to me and another 2 when they started to shoot at me and to prove this i know have a "hero scar" (as 1 of my freinds called it) on my left hand.

    if you have this type of moment please tell us them

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    eeerrrrrmmmmmm back in the 90's we did this as kids out in the woods i met my opponent and said "let's pick a good spot to fight" and we picked out some natural bunkers and dogged it out ten minutes before gettin my helmet true story

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