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    my right ear been ringing for over 4 hours

    i know know one is a docter on here, DUH. but has anybody else's right ear ring for multiple hours stright. my ear still ringing, i cant hear anything but ringing. i dont wanna be deff. i tried everything... :/ this sucks, im flippin out. im to young to be deff.

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    Moved to the lounge, 'cause... yeah.

    You live near a construction site, go to shooting ranges a lot, etc.? Or do ya listen to your music with the volume jacked up (you might not think it as loud; but if say other people can hear it clearly through headphones/buds, then that 100% qualifies as way too loud)? If you can turn down the volume on anything, do it whenever possible. Otherwise ya will start killing your hearing permanently. Ringing for a few hours straight is definitely not somethin' normal. Certainly ain't a doctor, but I know that much.

    ... Certain sickness can cause your ears to ring as well, I hear. In these cases that's probably got somethin' to do with your sinuses, I reckon. Likewise, ear infections can cause severe ringin' like that too.
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    That seems to be an indicator of cardiovascular problems according to family history.
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