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    Modern Amy looks like a tart
    the middle is a bit meh
    Quote Originally Posted by Splash_King View Post

    As a complete outsider who's never been a Sonic fan, I see the appeal in makin' it so that not every single protagonist is the same height and build as Sonic. Don't have an issue with Knuckles' new design as a whole neither, since I ain't used to seein' 'em as ol' shrimpy Knuckles.
    Mortal Kombat for one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodine View Post
    Generations was the greatest Sonic we've had in a looooooong time
    It's the 3d sections that get to me. Sometimes I move too fast or too slow resulting in multiple deaths.
    But the remixed music is good.

    Sonic's voice just makes me cringe sometimes. Though not as much as Charmy's or Cream's. Gah.
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