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    Quote Originally Posted by art
    1.link to the past
    2.ocarina of time
    3.wind waker

    [haven't finished tp yet but i rekn it'll slip in between ot and ww]

    minish cap on gameboy was pretty cool. tho haven't continued to play it.

    majora's mask and four swords both didn't cut it imo.

    the rest of the zelda catalogue i have never given a chance.

    i wish they did a link to the past 2. i really do. i thought four swords was going to be that but it turned out to be a mini-game type thing. i love the top-down vibe, and i guess thats whats cool about minish cap. thats really whats great about ds, gba and psp, these old genres like top-down rpg and ide scrolling platformer get to live on. its ace.
    links awakening was the sequal to link to the past

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