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    Quote Originally Posted by NateTheGreat
    I live in Columbia, Missouri and I'll hear people say the midwest is so backwards and unintelligent.
    You live in Columbia??? I'm all the way across the state, but I'm there at least once a year. Being a Missourian myself, I can say that it is very backwards and unintelligent on this side of the state.
    ... but what do I know?...
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    wow great thread!

    its a great goal, but let me go a little hollywood on it and say that I don't think it will happen until some catastorphic event strips away everything that humans perceive as race. Not sure what, but something like the ever popular giant asteroid or a visit from aliens (vis. Star Trek).

    Kinda like america has been slowly getting back together over the last few years after the two major events that stick out to me, 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina. Up to those points I can't really find a place in my mind that I remember the US acting as one country in the best interest of our fellow man.

    And just because someone brought them up and I like a good counter argument. The Wizards Rules mentioned earlier are from a work of fiction by Terry Goodkind, but all of them make sense when viewed in terms of the world. The one I'd like to bring up is the fourth I believe: "The greatest harm can result from the best intentions."

    Say we all begin to get along, slowly we forget hate and then eventually war passes out of memory. What then? Someone could use the old knowledge of war and completely take over the world with a little research and the human race would be powerless to stop it. (Kinda visualize Demolition Man for those of you who remember that movie)

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    Quote Originally Posted by martini178
    i totaly and whole heartedly agree racism and predjudice are horrible things i myself would know.. just the other day i got yelled at for my tourrette syndrome ... (no i dont do the swearing thing) because some guy thought it would be funny to make fun of me twitching needless to say my friends got mad at him while i tried to explain it but.. thats how people are and unfortunatly its not going to change anytime soon for the majority of people which is very sad but its life so you just have to keep on trekking and pick yourself up when you fall down.. i actually feel fortunate to have been born with tourrette syndrome as it has helped me grow as a person ... im sure if you asked me about it 6 or 7 years ago i would have said it makes my life a living hell but now because of it i show more compassion and i try to look at other peoples points of view. its also pretty funny what you can notice when you are different from alot of other people. anyways thats life some people never grow up others do im just fortunate to have alot of great friends and supportive family around me .... anyways thats just my $.02

    p.s. its very important in life to have a sense of humour

    People who make fun of someone else like that are just simply lonely. They obviously have nothing in their life worth being happy over and so they pick on whoever they can. It's not about you or anyone else they make fun of or torture, it's them. Their lives are empty so they try to fill it through aggrivated molestation. It's really sad if you think about it. About 98% of the people who are jerks and rude are doing it because they don't have much in life and they crave for attachment with other humans...even if it's bad attachment.

    Humans go literally insane without contact with other humans. They'll do anything to feel like they're alive...and if that includes hate crimes, they'll do it. Human emotions are a scary scary thing. They can either make you or break you. That's why it's so important for ALL of us to keep our emotions in check, for our sake and the sake of others.

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    It's because we're human.

    Some humans are just like that.

    It's sad. but true.

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