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    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays this year.

    There's a bit of a story here... I was going to make a little cartoon series but like many ideas this one didn't really turn into anything. >_> Basically there's a city in the underworld or a layer of Heck that's kind of like the "Staff Only" department. All the Imps, demons, maintenance guys who create the devices used in the underworld, the Grim reaper (and his son), who is a celebrity all live there. So yes it's pretty much a city, with parks and cars, reminiscent to NYC (not trying to say anything here though).

    The grim reaper wants his son to take his place after retirement, but Freddy, his son, doesn't want to reap souls or anything. He's too kind hearted, and basically his father tries to get him into gear of being a reaper, with Freddy protesting against it.

    Freddy knows it has to be done, but doesn't want to do it. But other than that they're amazing father/son material yes? So yeah, that's basically the relationship between Freddy and his father, and as mentioned the backstory behind the whole idea is making a "Staff only" city in Heck.

    And with that... Happy Holidays!
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    LOL Happy holidays to you as well. Now I'm ready for some sleep.
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    Give me some time and ill post some more like this
    Spoiler Alert!
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