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    hi i got grade 8 homework that i have to make a poem thats for 2-4 year olds but it has to have most of the things from a water cycle in it and i made the poem so will u guys pls rate this...

    once there was a droplet name beck.who was getting a tan from the big red ball called fred.but one day she turned to white fluffy air and flew of to the big space above the ground called ned. She stayed in a cloud who she called led. But everyday she would get fatter and fatter until she finally fell down to the ground and on to a tree who she called ped.the tree sucked her in and spit her out with the fluffy air surronding her again, and the stayed in led.She turned fat like a cow and fell down to the big wide space on the ground.but this time she tried to wiggle her way down and sliped through a crack.she flew down to the underground droplets.
    But one day she went through a croack and up again and was back getting a tan from the big red sun fred.

    ps.it dosnt have to rhme...
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