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    Exclamation All Things Mariokart: 2011 :)

    Its been 3 years since its release in the U.S. and its still the #1 game 4 Wii. Sup every its Mutterbud again aka MK MA5T3R and i made this forum to celebrate Mariokart and all its racing glory. Here im discussing 5 main topics: 1. Favorite Character 2. Favorite Race Course 3. Favorite Battle Course 4. Least Fav Course (Why) 5. What u thinks ganna be in (or what u would like 2 see in) the New Mariokart for the Wii U? Or just let me know any of your favorite things or moments of Mariokart Wii. Hope U enjoy the forum and remember, Mariokart 4 Ever!!
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