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    ok he said his dad wasn't the best at the wii, but he beats him in wii sports, i assumed his dad was farely good at wii sports than

    secondly, no compared to other games, this game has pretty simple controls, like most sport games do

    for the basic knowledge on how to play what controls do you need to know

    move-wow, really hardcore simple
    shoot-b, hmmm that button behind the wiimote, could be tricky sometimes
    pass-a, that big button that's right in front of you

    i've beaten people before not using items or lob-passing, and yes the controls could be viewed as hard, but for a beginner they're easy, and than the more you learn the more tricky they get....gradually

    the mario that's roomed with mush
    my wii is not connected to the internet, so i can't play brawl online for a bit....please do not spam inbox with friend code requests

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