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    Dear Duriias,
    What I mean when I say "cheap moves", I mean like when someone uses Toad, or Diddy Kong to jump over the goalie instead of trying to kick the ball in the net. I also consider cheap when someone like Daisy or Dry Bones disappear and reappear inthe net.
    Another one of my dislikes is when someone uses Hammer Bro and keeps using his skill shot. It's impossible to stop once he's in the air.

    Don't get me wrong though. I don't mind if someone uses these "cheap" skill shots once or twice...but it really gets annoying and cheap when someone KEEPS using the same moves over and over again

    So I hope that clears up your question about what I call "cheap/cheating".

    If you'd like to add me, my friend code is: 481146-047743

    I'll need your code aswell if you wanna face me though
    Hope you'll want to play against me!

    Hey Sevenhurts,
    Sure I'll give you as many matches as you want
    I'll add your friend code ASAP!
    If you haven't gotten my code from my other msgs, its: 481146-047743

    Looking forward to having many matches with ya!

    I don't mind it if you're going to use moves like Hammer Bros' Skill Shot, or Boo's Invisibility thing thru the goalie...just don't use it constantly throughout our match. I dont see the point of a good game if one side isnt playing fairly.

    Other than that, OK! I'll be glad to play against you. I'll play ya whenever you're ready, anytime, as many times as you'd like!
    If you haven't already seen my friend code, its: 481146-047743

    Looking forward to some nice matchups!

    I almost forgot to ask you, do you talk to this guy, "Blax" much? I really would like to face him...He's looking for good competition am I right?
    I think I can give him a good match...I just need him to know my friend code!
    I've been trying to get intouch with him...but if you can get intouch with him, could you tell him who I am, and my friend code, so I can have a nice match against him!
    I'd really appreciate it!

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    If you're looking to play against others please post in the "Mario Strikers Charged Matches" thread.

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