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Thread: MSC Radio

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    MSC Radio

    Wii Troopers held a radio show last week and the server filled up. Since there is a growing interest in our show, I thought I'd come over and give you the chance to listen.

    You can download last week's show over at our site wtclan.com

    The next show is this sunday, November 18, at 7pm eastern
    You can load it with media player or winamp, the URL to open in your player is: http://Zzz.serverroom.us:4354

    This week we are going to have profressional quality intermissions and some special guests. We have nearly doubled our bitrate to 96 kbs, making the quality crystal clear!

    The show is hosted by myself, and [wt] Bug. At the end of the show we have a Q&A segment, where we answer all sorts of questions people submit.

    If you would like to submit a question, segment, or even be on the show live, send me a PM...
    Remember, since we are live, we can answer questions in extreme detail. You can ask us any question! From MSC offense or defensive techniques, team structure, help with women, cooking recipes, or help with connecting to your dead ancestors
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    If I wasn't taking my final GED test at around that time, I'd absolutely tune in. Either way, I'm looking forward to the next next one!
    I tend to get on around 8 o'clock PM Eastern time, and mostly play until I get too drunk.

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