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Thread: Wario

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    I forgot how to look at a map.
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    i like but hate wario. i would like it if he wasnt so damn slow and his special didnt run out so fast. but i love his butt slam. it owns.
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    Hey Wario2ooo,

    I'm Jeff, and I think I sent you a PM a few weeks ago asking that you add me to your Strikers Friends List. Since I never got a responce, I'll ask ya again lol.

    I'd love to face ya in Strikers sometime, I generally dont use Wario myself, but I find he makes a good opponent to face

    So will ya add me to Strikers?

    My friend Code is: 481146 047743

    I hope you do add me, i'll add you to mine. I'll give ya a good match if your looking for good competition
    When it comes to Strikers, I tend to get a bit competative myself Well I hope you do add me!
    And if anyone else sees this, they can add me too if they'd like!


    PS: Unfortunatley I wont be online until the 14th of December onward, I have tests coming up in school and I cant have my games distracting me...so If you add me, dont be confused if I aint online fer another week or so, ok!
    I'll play ya anytime over Christmas and New Years Holidays tho, so be ready for then! lol
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