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    Odd Thing I've Noticed

    In the past few matches I've played with some pretty good people online. These people had "full-shooting" characters as their right wing, and whenever the ball was on THEIR side, and they past it to their right wing who was on my side and shoot, it would ALWAYS go in. I was getting so angry, because everytime after I scored a goal, this guy would go on his side of the field, barely charge the ball, pass it to his right wing and BOOM make a shot. I know some people are going to say "that's how full-shooting characters are". While that may be a large part of it, I still think there's more too it, because whenever I'm on my side, charge the ball, and pass it to DK and shoot it, I never made it in nearly as many times. Maybe they just got lucky...discuss

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    Strong shooters have a better chance of getting it in the further away they are. But there's also a chunk of luck to it... if he's scoring constantly like this, you may have to foul this right winger before the ball gets to him to stop him from scoring.
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