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    Final Fantasy III Friend Codes

    Yeah, I know there is already a thread that has all the friend codes in it, but I am in need of some FFIII friends so I can unlock the side quests This way, whoever puts their code here might actually still be playing FFIII and maybe check their mail every once in a while. My code is in my sig but I'll put it here too:

    Code: 369-454-934-964

    If ya add me, plz PM me so I can make sure I add you too
    DS Codes:
    Mario Kart DS: 077-393-426-246
    Final Fantasy III: 369-454-934-964

    Wii Codes:
    Guitar Hero III: 270701666666

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    hey i can help u!

    hello all i am new here and i was on nintendo.com and there where no Firend code sharing . i hope some one can help me with FinalFantasy3?
    real name: Marc

    firend code for FinalFantasy3 438-171-796-210
    for Star fox 308-368-981-942
    for Metiod Hunters 3136-1496-9650
    for Mario Kart DS 524-047-904-603
    all Final Fantasy's

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