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    My DS-Xtreme REVIEW!!!

    okay...so i bought the DS-X a while back and i got it right after christmas. they were supposed to send it out BEFORE x-mas, but f-d up w/ their backorder so they express shipped it to me when i paid for standard shipping. fresh outta the box, i wired it to my pc via USB and a few days before, i downloaded like 40 game roms from torrents. its easy; all you gotta do is drag and drop the .nds files into the DSX folder. its SO easy! but being the greedy person that i am, i wanted more. thing is, the G6 + passme is known to have problems so thats why i waited for this. for $130 or so, i def got my money's worth the second i pulled it out of the box. some roms are bigger than others; (i.e. Elite Beat Agents = 120MB vs. Yoshi Touch and Go = 8MB). so w/ 512 of space, im able to hold 3 music videos, a porn clip, an mp3 and 7 games. VIDEO, you ask? it was REALLY easy. i browsed the DSX forums and found this program called Moonshell. easy directions to download and install (http://forums.ds-xtreme.com/showthread.php?t=1510) and you just have to drag the files into the box to convert them in this program. then just drag the new files into the DSX folder, hop into Moonshell in the Apps folder on your DS and you got video! but, being the jew that i is, i want more! more more more! nes roms!!! i found a program called NesDS which lets me play nes roms but the conversion process was a biatch. directions were on the forums but you gotta do it step by step EXACTLY. i also got SnesDS, but its a bit figity; i can only get supermario world on there until some better programs arise. the flashing lights are also pretty killer and you can change the colors, but they kill the battery. overall, this is probably the coolest mod for a handheld and definitely gives me an excuse to sit on the toilet for long periods of time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maazer
    porn clip,
    lol, good thinking.

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    awesom man, i got a G6/passme, it doesnt give me any trouble and i paid 100 even (with shipping). im so happy with my DS now. ppl who invented flash carts ROCK!!!! LOL congrats on a good buy man

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    where do i buy?

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