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    Mario VS DK2 8 New Levels uploaded


    I have very difficult levels for those looking for a challenge. Some may be impossible for you to pass, if so, im sorry but am willing to help you out if you PM me.

    Difficulty level *=easy *****=difficult

    oFunStuf *****
    yOshiking ***
    o911 **
    oWii ***
    oShrOOm ****
    oChibi ****
    oFast *****
    oVineyard ***

    o911 is a tribute to the disaster 6years ago. i just watched United 93 the movie and it was a reminder of what happened long ago. Please do not play o911 if you are offended by the though of making a game out of this content.

    yOshikng, Wii, ShrOOm, Chibi are all drawings when you look at the level overview screen. Please observe them and enjoy these levels.

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