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    Protecting your DS

    MadCatz has a transparent polycarbonate case.
    Its nice and clear the edges are rounded and your DS lite console
    slips into it. I walked into an EB games store and picked up the console protectors.

    The case comes with some cardboard slips that you can slip into the case
    to decorate. You can also go to their website and get the download to
    have templates to make your own. This was not a selling point for me. But now I have my own photos in there.

    The selling point was how sturdy the plastic was.
    This case allows me to play the unit and not worry about any marks I may
    leave. The thick plastic will allow for a drop and the unit stays intact.

    EB games has DS Lite screen protectors, I got 4 screen protectors for $9.99 (CAN). BestBuy has the Intec ones,but you only get 2 screens for $9.99. Be warned that the screen protectors take awhile to put on.
    Just go slow and it will be worth it.

    Check it out at http://www.madcatz.com/
    Just look under Nintendo DS..the case is listed as NDS Lite Custom Show Case.

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    I've got a DS Essentials Pack, so I'm protected!
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    i have a NDS Lite Custom Show Case, and have to say i love it its solid and makes the ds lite feel better(not as cramped)

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