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    Mario Kart wi fi

    Please could someone let me knowe how you start a race with one or two players. I've just got this wi fi working today, and on the lower screen it says searching, and then after a while a box will turn yellow which I assume means that one player is ready to race, but I don't want to have to wait for three players to join before starting. I've tried pressing all thre buttons, but to no avail.


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    yer you need all 3 to go yellow to have a match, it only because then you have a 4 player game!!!! but if you add then as a friend via the code you can play 2 player,3player or 4 player!!!!!!

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    If your signal strength is strong and the little box on the bottom right is green with 3 sticks your fine. Just let the game load and it will search for 3 other players. You will see 3 long bars horizontal with your DS. Once all 3 of those bars are green. Your ready. Word of advise. Dont be upset when you get beat by a hacker. =/ There are many that play.
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