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Thread: new to Ds

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    new to Ds

    Right i just bought a ds lite 2day from game for 109.99 with super mario bro,
    Everything fine and stuff, just wondering how to connect my ds to my net, I bought a wifi max adapter a while ago now for my wii bout no longer need due to i have my router back.

    It is possible to connect to the net, I dont mean Web browser, but has it? lol
    Wot can u do online with it.

    Any1 no how to set it up. I install it ds then the zydas thing, I open the ds program select auto set up then im stuck coz i dunno wot to do after that. I try connectin my ds but if im doing it Right, that is the Question. Any help would b Good Ta

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    to connect to the internet you need to have a game with wifi multiplayer. the game you have doesnt have it though.

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