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Thread: Ds Games

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    Ds Games

    Any good Ds games you could recomment me getting this week?

    Not that metroid game nor kiddy games, i got games for wii i like so mayby that will help wot games i kinda like,. splinter cell, nfs Carbon, red steel, supr mario, ridge racer,

    as ya see i like fps racing and action games. i need em long and hard, that supr mario game i had it for like 3days aint playd it for 1 day but im 3lvls away from the end.

    aNY Good Games Out there. any1 have a list of upcoming Games

    Tony Hawks Sk8land : 2105 6850 6290 Metroid Prime Hunters : 3909 5713 4051 Tetris : 0387 8218 2145 Pokemon Pearl: 0946 0491 6457 Legend of Zelda PH : 1890 9456 8452
    Worms 2 : Mortal Kombat : Blade The Blade :
    Mario Vs DK : Racer Create and Drive : List all codes up soon

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    :/ Metroid Hunters IS a FPS. If you like action, I would recommend getting Castlevania: DS and/or :Portrait of Ruin.
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    The choce is yours
    or we cant tell you what game your gona like in case you dont like it
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