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    Dragon, if you are playing with the same friend every time maybe he has a bad connection and he gets disconnected every time you try to play. Try playing people worldwide and if you don't get disconnected its something to do with your friends internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii_Fan
    If you have a wireless router on a wi-fi game go onto connection settings, then 'Search for access point' while near your router. Then it should come up with your internet, if you have secured your internet (it will be padlocked) you will need to enter your WEP code but if you havent secured your internet (it will be unpadlocked) just click on that and away you go.
    Chances are however if your family has a wireless router you will be using a stronger encryption for security that will not work with the DS. Direc tUSB plugs seem to be the way to go withouth lowering your networks security.
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