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For me, and you alluded to it in your posts, the thing that the DS brings is a mixture of retro gaming feel, modern gaming standards and the Nintendo 'fun' factor. Every time I play Yoshi's Island I am transported mentally back to an earlier time of carefree youth(ish) and the SNES. I'm sure that the PSP could also do that for me if I let it but it somehow feels harder, more grown up, more regimented to me.

Am I a fanboy? I don't think that I am although others may disagree. There is something about the Nintendo philosophy of using older technology in a new way that I find appealing.
Now we are getting down to it - I certainly agree captainff, it's that retro experience with a new twist which appeals - I am a gamer from way back and loved the Spectrum games such as Manic Miner, Spellbound, Head & Tails / Batman, Skooldaze etc.. which brought a new depth to the platform genre of it's day and this, I agree, wholeheartedly the DS has in bundles - the more I think about it the more I agree with you on all of the above in your reply.

Sony and MS have a grown up image of "It's fun but serious fun", I have mentioned this in other threads - but Nintendo don't seem to want us to work too hard at playing games, which is certainly in the retro style.

Long may it continue to errmmm move forward...no backwards..no for....

Ahhh progress backwards in a forwards motion !! LOl