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    Final Fantsay III Friend Codes

    im making an effort to get the ultima weapon in final fantasy III. for that i need 10 FFIII friend codes

    name: Canti
    FF fc: 1890-6752-9703

    just post here with your name and fc

    my party:
    Luneth-Ninja lvl 57 job lvl 8
    Ingus-Warrior lvl 58 job lvl 76
    Refia-Devout lvl 57 job lvl 19
    Arc-Magus lvl 57 job lvl 28
    (posting your party is not necessary)

    Thanks for the Help!
    name: Sean
    pkmn pearl fc: 0859-9754-7107

    looking for arceus, latios, ho-oh, shaymin, and any shinies. I also need the TMs for calm mind (TM04)(x2), earthquake (TM26), dragon claw (TM02), and dark pulse (TM79)

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