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    yeah its awesome...one advice tho...

    buy a R4..so you can play any game for free! lmao
    costs $50 +Plus Shipping and save $5000000000000000000.

    LOL I downloaded phantom hourglass on the release date woot.
    R4 = the best accessory ever released upon the DS!

    EDIT: oh yeah..you need to buy a micro SD card to hold the games...extra $40...lol
    $40 for a 2gigbyte...
    One Ds rom range from 1 MB to 120 MB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zurukea
    Hey, i'm a 13 year old kid who has a wii and 2 half decient computers and i'm thinking I should get a DS. I have to pay off 80 more dollars on my loan and then I can start saving for my DS. If I can't earn enough money i'll have to wait till christmas. My some what job pays 30 - 50 a week =( Will the DS be to old to get by christmas? Also my grandparents might let me keep the money from the loan. If so i'll have enough money by october. Whats your thoughts?

    Also I think I should tell you why I want the DS, Preety much just Mario Kart Ds, Game N' Music and PictoChat. I'll probley use the alarm to. Once again, whats your thoughts?
    I think u should pay off the money that u owe before you think about buying anything else. I have a ds and yeah there ok , the pictochat aint very good and u will also have to save money for the games. If i was u i wont get 1. I hope i helped a little .

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    So, certainly pay back your grandparents first. It gives a good impression, and makes your parents and grandparents happy. And happy adults who think you're being responsible give better Christmas presents, among other things...

    That being said, the DS is awesome.

    I personally really like New Super Mario Bros, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and the Phoenix Wright games.

    Ask for one for Christmas. You may not get one, but then again, you might.
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