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    A Tetris DS challenge for y'all

    I'm sure people still play Tetris DS over here, it is probably my favourite NDS game.

    So the challenge:

    Pretty much you do what I did in the picture. You put it on time trial in mission (restart if you get all of a certain block or speed up) and you must make a 20x9 block as fast as you can with no holes whatsoever (if you haven't worked it out yet it's a speed test. As you can see my time is 19:88, see how good you can get and if anyone manages to beat me it would be nice to see a screenshot, as I'm quite happy with my result. My stacking speed is sorta average and I need to get better control of my ARE. Anyway post scores and if I get enough interest I'll make a leaderboard.
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    PM me if you add me in either.

    If you need any help on playing either of these two games competitively just drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I'll rate your team for you as well (not Tetris lol), but make sure it has EVs, natures, items and descriptions.
    I'll also help with almost any other DS game including MKDS, DKRDS, MPH, CoD4MW, EBA. Note: I say competitive alot and I like to win lol.

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