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    Oh you can? wow, I thought you told me you couldn't do it! well those are great news..but trust me you can't do that with Mario Kart Ds, I have tried it, only random people from all over the wordl is that possible.

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    You can in Mario Kart, I've seen heaps of tournaments and what would be the point of friend codes if you couldn't?

    I don't have wi-fi atm so I can't check but iirc, in MKDS, when you go into "Nintendo WFC Match" you pick to find people from either regional/continental (depends on U or E version of the game); worldwide or friends. I haven't personally done a friend match but when you get in, it would be the same as normal online but you'd have 2-4 of you and worldwide friends in the game (note: 4 is the max on wi-fi; on 10 metre radius wireless you can play with up to 8 players).
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    If you need any help on playing either of these two games competitively just drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I'll rate your team for you as well (not Tetris lol), but make sure it has EVs, natures, items and descriptions.
    I'll also help with almost any other DS game including MKDS, DKRDS, MPH, CoD4MW, EBA. Note: I say competitive alot and I like to win lol.

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