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    A PSP Slim is really not that much of an improvement over the PSP. I would get a DS. It really does have some great games out there at the moment.

    Discloser: I don't have a DS or a PSP but I want the former.

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    I have both. I got the PSP Christmas 2005, and the DS Christmas 2006... and, I can assure you, I like the DS much better. Since I've had my PSP, I've played on it only a couple of times (on Christmas, and a couple of days after), Then I just got bored of it, and started playing non stop on my cousins DS. Ever since, I've always wanted a DS. So last year, I got my DS Lite, and I absolutely love it...

    So... it's up to you, but I'd recommend you to get a DS.

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    well, take it from me (some one who has owned one PSP a DS, and a DS Lite)

    Get a DS if your only interested in fun games. and if your friends have DS games you can gameshare/play online with them. i dont use my DS online and i still love it, though i currently have no games for it.

    There may be a few reasons to get a PSP over a DS though:
    1: do you have an MP3 Player? if not, a PSP w/2g mem stick might not be a bad idea.
    2: do you love movies as much as me?! (doubt it) but the PSP is a cool movie player for those boring car trips.
    3: do graphics matter to you in a handheld system? if so..PSP might be for you.

    in short, both are great systems, in fact i kinda wish i hadnt sold my PSP, but my DS Lite is still a lot of fun. hm..this thread makes me want to buy a PSP slim. think i might after xmas..

    EDIT: to add to this post, the PSP slim really isnt much of an improvement over the original. basically it's a tiny bit skinnier, weighs less because of the simpler UMD drive, and you can play it on your T.V. if you buy the correct cables.

    so depeding on what deals you can find, get an original PSP if it's cheaper. (not sure, i know the slim is 200 and u get a movie and a game with it, so is it any more expensive? idn)
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    Simply put!
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