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    Helping getting Online

    I got my DS lite yesterday and i have a wireless network at home via a Netgear router

    I also have a PSP and i have never had any trouble connecting with that

    i tried to configure my settings for Wi-Fi and it failed due to error 52000

    I went into my Netgear settings and messed with a lot of the settings but still could not get it to connect

    When i get home i'm going to try everything again and make sure i follow the instructions perfectly..but for now does anyone have any ideas for a quick fix? if you've run into this same problem before

    also why is the DS a more complex procedure to go online vs PSP?
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    ye mate i had this same problem a few weeks back but heres wat u do to fix it -
    wat im guessing u did is go to auto connect or find connection or watever, and its found it then u try to connect and it sez error 52000. What u have to do is manually enter ur ip settings into the settings for wi-fi.To do this, u look at the settings it asks for in the wi-fi settings (IP, gateway, DNS etc). U then go to start menu on ur computer, then go to run. delete watever text is in the run box then type in "ipconfig". This will then tell u the 4 (or 3 cuz i didnt need DNS 2) numbers u need and after u enter and save those settings on ur ds it should connect fine to wi-fi.

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