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    Action Replay DS

    Get it. It's great. Unless you don't like cheating of course. To be honest I beat game legit and then I cheat. It's a great way to get everything you need and just to mess around. And it's only what, $20 or $30. It's def. worth the money.


    + Amazingly simple to use. Plug it in, turn it on, replace game, play
    + Software is easy to install, intuitive, and currently updated frequently
    + Current code database is very large and allows lots of options for all the most popular games
    + Allows subscriptions to other sites who may want to host files
    + Can be used with upcoming product to create your own codes. Make your own Hot Coffee!
    + Icon based interface which is very user friendly


    - Limited to codes provided by Codejunkies (currently)
    - Serious potential for WiFi Cheating
    - Lesser known games not supported yet

    Share your opinions.
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