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    Ds lite news (spoiler :some where nicked )

    Got this off Lik sang

    DS Lite's Here, There, Everywhere

    Here in Hong Kong a massive shipment of the much anticipated but currently European only Black DS Lite consoles went missing this week. The shipping container was valued at around US$ 2.3 million, which is estimated to include over 12,500 units. Some black consoles have already turned up on the black market, and Hong Kong police are offering a reward of just under US$ 130,000 for any information that leads to the location of the stash.

    Meanwhile over the ocean, Japan Airlines announced how they're offering DS Lite consoles and games for in-flight play to Executive and First Class passengers. The campaign is being given a slow trial launch, wrapping up at the end of August and only running on routes from Tokyo to LA, NY, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Beijing and Guangzhou. Nintendo produced special units without Wi-Fi functions for use on the planes, and game wise the starting menu includes just four games like Mario Kart and DS Golf

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