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    First DSi only game

    Well as we know there are a few games that are DS normal only (mainly the ones that need something slotted into the GBA slot).

    Anyway the DSi needed some games to justify buying one instead of a cheap DSlite (nothing of note on the download thingy yet). So here comes the first of some DSi only games and it is.
    Monster Finder
    As it says in the quote below little is known about the game aside from it will use the camera (Like that ghost hunting one I posted a while ago).
    With a name like Monster Finder I'm guessing its along the lines of look round threw the cam to find monster them maybe battle it?
    Wonder what will happen if I point it at my parrot? (Paramon maybe?)
    Have you heard all those rumors about DSi-exclusive games hitting retail? Well, they're no longer just rumors! Alpha Unit, a Japanese third party publisher, announced today the first such title, Monster Finder.

    The exact nature of the game is somewhat of a mystery at present. We know that you use the DSi Camera in some capacity to capture monsters, which are then made use of in a battle system of some form. The use of the camera is presumably why the game is DSi-only.

    Yes, Alpha Unit's announcement was rather lacking in the details department. In fact, we have a feeling that the publisher whipped together the announcement after hearing the DSi-exclusive reports that surfaced yesterday.

    Whatever the case, this first DSi-only retail release is scheduled for Japanese release this Winter. We presume Alpha Unit won't be alone in releasing games in this fashion, so expect more announcements to follow.
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    With a name like that, I can't see it any good. But only time will tell if it is.

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