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    Mario & Luigi 3 special ranks question (minor spoilers)

    Hi guys!

    The first time I've completed this game, at the very end of the ending, I was told by a voice that if I became stronger I would get something very nice.

    I leveled up until lv40 so I got Rainbow rank with M and L (got excellent badge), and final boss rank with Bowser (got intruder fangs). I beat the game again and this voice tells me I'm very strong, bla, bla, bla... but I get nothing from that "voice"

    What joke is this? Dol you really get something and I just did not notice (the game appears to be the same thing and I did not notice something new on my gear or a secret location...

    It is just a joke or the price is to get said, "You became very strong, blablabla...)
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