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    Broken DS Lite,Worth The Money?

    There is a DS Lite on Ebay for 0.01,(I Know One Cent)Free Shipping But It has been heavily used and will show significant wear and tear. Items in fair condition have heavy scratches and scuffs on the screen or housing.
    Defects BROKEN - DOES NOT READ GAMES.Numerous light scratches on the touch screen and a few light scratches on the top screen. Light scratches cover the housing. Nicks on and between the hinges. Dirt in the seams between the glossy shell housing and the inner housing. Slight discoloration of the "L" and "R" buttons. Small cracks in the housing around the power button. it is pink and comes with Stylus. the only reason i want it is Because its 1 Cent and Free Shipping and i can get a new Shell(Housing) to get the Cracks and Scratches of the Shell.

    And is it Possible that if i get a New Replacement DS Cartridge Slot will it play games again or not?

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