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    My Gamecube Lens is NO GOOD!

    Well, I have DBZ: B2 for the Gamecube and it is newer than ever. I tried it on my Gamecube a couple times and it says "Disc Read Error." I have a Wii but I dont want to use it too much because I feel if I use the Wii too much with the Gamecube games, I think my Wii will crash down quicker. How do I send it back for it to be fixed with new lens?

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    First what I would do is I would still check the game for any scratches or smudges and try cleaning it. Try playing other games and see if you experience any errors. By doing so you can find out if its the game or the Gamecube causing the problems. If that doesn't work then I would try cleaning the lense with a dry swifer cloth since I don't think there are any optical lens cleaners for Gamecube. And if that still doesn't work then I wouldn't waste money on a new lens I would just play the games on Wii since i don't really think playing Gamecube games on it would cause any promblems. If you are really convinced on getting the lens for Gamecube replaced then visit http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/sys...cube/index.jsp

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    wen u open da disc drive there should b somethin popped out-ward (happened wit me, put it back in-ward an it worked) try that or above
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