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Thread: Mario SunShine

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    i think it does, some new things, but some places may be similar to mario 64. but the characters look crap (those pple from mario sunshine)

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    I bought Mario Sunshine in December 2005 and it took me a long time to get into, even now in August I still can't properly settle into it. There's something distinctly unsettling about a Mario game that is not set in the mushroom kingdom or traditional Mario places, especially with a bunch of fruity inhabitants. I was a huge fan of Mario 64 and its unique atmosphere. Despite being a colourful and cheery game, it had its fair share of dark, brooding eerie atmospheric moments maintaining the seriousness without losing it to a cartoony disposition. I am still yet to see something like this in Mario Sunshine, and on the whole the game looks too... Shiney

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    It's a good game, but the reason why people don't like it is because it's a Mario game, and has nothing to do with barely anything, like Resident Evil 4, just like Resident Evil 4, if it had another title it would be a better game.

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