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    F-Zero GX: Unlocking the AX characters

    How many F-Zero GX owners out there have unlocked the AX racers?

    The AX Racers can be unlocked by finishing the Story levels on the Very Hardskill level (requiring a virtually flawless run with tighter paramaters to meet). I'd consider myself a proficient racer as I have managed to do just over half the story missions on Very Hard and all of them on Hard. The Missions I need to do on Very Hard are:

    (I am not nesacerrily using proper names)

    Escape from the PowerPlant
    F-Zero Grand Prix
    Race against DeathBorn
    Race against Falcon Clone

    Some of you might be lucky enough to live near an arcade which has an F-Zero AX machine so you can bring your memory card along to download the racers; I however do not have that privelage (as there are only about 25-30 F-Zero AX machines in the english-speaking world [citation needed]).

    I'd be happy to discuss tactics, engine tuning and other F-Zero GX elements with fellow racers out there
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    who is your fav AX racer? mine is Phoenix.

    Ganondorf "The King of Evil!"

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